Back to school, Man cold and life

First I want to say Thank you to my 49 followers for being so patient with me. You guys are great! Thank you all for hanging in there with me and understanding that life happens and I don’t blog as much as I want or should. Thank You!

It has been a while since I last blogged. I’ve been very busy. My kids started school, my oldest last week and my youngest on Monday. And with my son being special needs I was being a worry wart about his first day of school. But he did AMAZING. I’m so proud of him. My daughter has adjusted really well. She’s doing great, even with her homework. Have I mentioned that I think my kids are great? (Yes, they drive me up the walls some days but its times like these that make me smile.)

Sadly though, my son may have a cold. He’s not going to like having to stay home if it is a cold and not just his allergies. Not to mention that my sweet boyfriend has the dreaded “Man-cold”. He’s been active most of the day, but he’s out for the count for today, he’s in bed early. Which for my guy is rare, he’s a night owl. So when he goes to bed early I know he’s not feeling well. 

I’m good so far. My allergies have been a pain, but still manageable. I’m hoping to avoid the cold that my boyfriend has and that my son might have caught. It doesn’t seem like a fun one, but then again when are colds fun? Sure I’d like to lounge in bed all day, but in all reality I can’t. I don’t have the time to. 

Life has its ups and downs and we have no control over it. We just have to handle what life gives us the best we can. So if I get sick, so be it. If I avoid it great. We’ll see what happens in the next few days. 

Wish me luck guys! 

Until next time

Question of the day: What is your tried and true way of getting over a cold? Or helping someone else feel better?

Let me know in the comments. =)


About drakanair

I'm 27 years old and like to explore new things. I sing, sew, and love to take pictures of the world around me.
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