I miss you dad

Ever since I lost my dad when I was 17, Father’s Day has been hard for me. This year was no different and it’s almost been 10 years. I know it is past the day but I’d like to write about my dad.

Being the only girl in the family, my dad spoiled me. Well, as much as he could with what we had. Which wasn’t much at all. What I loved most about my dad was that no matter how little we had he’d always find a way to make us kids (my younger brother and I) smile. Whether it was going on a bike ride with us, playing at the park with us or even just sitting down and playing a game of cards.

One year my dad took us on a car ride and didn’t wouldn’t tell us where we were going, at this time I was a young teen. He ended up taking us up into the mountains, it was a beautiful late spring and there were so many pretty flowers and vibrant colors everywhere. He pulled the car over, taking an empty yogurt cup with him, and picked some of those wild flowers. He got back in the car and handed them to me. “Only the best for my little girl” he said. It made me smile. My little brother was a little upset that I got something but he didn’t. To this my dad simply said “Just wait, I have something for you too.” and we turned back around. We went to the park. We got out of the car and my dad pulls a brand new baseball bat and ball out from the trunk as well as an old mitt. My brother’s face lit up in happiness.

It was the best day. One that I will remember forever.

My childhood was far from perfect, but I still hold many great memories.

Dad, I miss you tons and I know that you’re always watching over me. Thank you for showing/teaching me that you don’t need money to be happy.  Happiness is being with the ones you love. Love you dad.


About drakanair

I'm 27 years old and like to explore new things. I sing, sew, and love to take pictures of the world around me.
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