Two challenges in one month.

So I have started my second blogging university challenge. Which is writing 101, it’s meant to help us write daily, which I like the idea of. My first blogging university challenge was Zero to Hero back in April. Which was a ton of fun. 

The writing 101 challenge started yesterday, but I wasn’t able to do the post yesterday so I’m doing it today. So lucky you, you get two posts from me today. Yesterdays challenge was to just let go and write for 20 mins. Just to write whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not. So pretty much this post isn’t going to make much sense at all. I’m going to be jumping from thought to thought, Random right? Suits my blog just perfect.

So yesterday I started a cleaning challenge (more like voluntary assignments)  that I found online that looked like I could do. It’s from MoneySavingMom and the challenge (assignments) you can find here. I hate cleaning, but she breaks it into do-able tasks, which for me I can do. I have this horrible habit of starting to clean one part of my house, then move onto another part without finishing the first part. Nothing gets done. I just go in circles. I’m determined to do this. 

Two challenges in one month. Here I come. 🙂


About drakanair

I'm 27 years old and like to explore new things. I sing, sew, and love to take pictures of the world around me.
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